Pricing Principles

Our fee is based on time spent on the assignment and the corresponding hourly fees. Our hourly fees are determined assignment-specifically and vary between EUR 180 – 250 (+ VAT 24 %, EUR 223,20 – 310). Fees are determined on the basis of the scope and nature of the assignment. In a highly demanding assignment our hourly fee may be higher than the aforementioned maximum hourly fee.

We may agree on a fixed quote if the amount of work required by the assignment can be properly determined prior to accepting the assignment.

We are happy to provide a fee estimate. Fee estimates are always non-binding, indicative and based on information available at the time the estimate is given.

We charge direct costs, such as travel costs, incurred during the assignment.

In a litigation or arbitration matter, a legal expenses insurance may be at our client’s disposal. We are happy to review whether a legal expenses insurance is applicable to the assignment.

In respect of private clients, we review whether our client is entitled to state-funded legal aid which covers our fee fully or partially. In legal aid matters we follow legal aid legislation as valid from time to time.