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Tuomas Sunnari

attorney at law


attorney at law

Evita Riuttanen

Bachelor of Laws

About us

Emilia Kaikkonen has been a practicing lawyer since 2012. Emilia specializes in employment offenses and liability questions. Emilia assists clients with employment and labor law issues, litigation, and criminal matters.

Tuomas Sunnari, who has practiced law since 2014, specializes in employment law, litigation, and criminal matters. Tuomas regularly lectures on employment law topics and represents clients in litigation and criminal proceedings.

Emilia advises employers and employees on employment issues, disputes, and residence permits. Tuomas assists clients in drafting and commenting on employment documentation, non-competition and confidentiality matters, work and residence permit issues, acquisitions, and business transfers.

Our expertise

We have been assisting individuals, domestic businesses, and international companies with expertise for 10 years. We possess a wide range of legal experience in the following areas of specialization:

Employment and labor law
Dispute resolution
Criminal law
Business immigration and residence permits

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